Booking Details

Black Suede Band are based in Melbourne. To make a booking please contact us using the form below.

Black Suede Band has a variety of line ups to suit your style and budget. We understand everyone has different styles and needs for their wedding.

DJ Band - Live Band - Acoustic - MC Duties - international Music - Enquire today!

Questions we normally get asked!

* How does Black Suede Band work with a DJ and Band lineup? Our DJ will play our tracks, we don't have a drummer or bass player, therefore these are on the tracks we use. Every other instrument is LIVE! You can add a percussionist however for larger bookings for that extra 'wow' factor!
When the band is on a break the DJ (using digital desks) will still be on stage taking requests and making music!
The bonus of having a DJ Band is you get the best of both worlds. You get the live element of the band, creating a fantastic atmosphere, as well as a DJ who can play pretty much anything you want!

How many hours do you play for? A standard reception time 5 hours ie; 6 till 11pm or 7pm till 12pm. Extra hours can be added to your reception if requested. price on application. We can also provide music for you ceremony, or a nice jazz duo etc for canapes.

* Will you travel for our function? Yes we do travel, again the price is on application and depends on where it is.

* Is it the same line up of people who I saw at the showcase? Yes! Unless someone is sick or unavailable, who you book, is who you will get!

* Can you play International Music?  We sure can! Whether you want Greek, Italian, Jewish etc... we can play it! Our DJ can help with this! When the band is on a break, our DJ can do a full set or just a few songs of your choice of music!
or if it's a live band you are after, we may be able to assist here also.

* How long are your sets? We would normally play 4 x 45 minute sets for a 5 hour booking. This is depenant on your formalities for the event. 

DJ Band - DJ would play in between these sets. We are flexable. ie; If you want more of the DJ later on in the evening. Then the band can play more sets at the beginning of the night.

Live Band - Our live band normally play a 45 minute set, however this is really dependent on your running schedule for the event. In between the band sets, we can play music through our Ipod. You can make requests of what you want played, but usually we have a pretty good set list to suit all genres.